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Local or National Newspapers, which are circulated extensively in the areas that you wish to target for your brand are probably the best media vehicles to advertise your brand among your audiences. But placing your brand ads in a popular newspaper would not be cheap at all, and it could seriously jeopardize your advertising and promotion budget for the remaining year. However, if you still want to enjoy the same reach without spending a bomb on brand promotion, then going for Newspaper Inserts is something that you must consider for effective promotion of your brand.  

The key thing here lies in matching the language of the inserts with the Newspapers, so that a Hindi daily doesn’t end up carrying you English inserts on the people’s doorstep. Another key aspect in placing newspaper inserts is pushing the inserts right across the folds, so that the inserts don’t fall out of the paper when the newspaper is turned upside down while delivering by the vendor.

Newspaper Inserts

Branding can give you a similar kind of penetration among your target audiences as you would get with placing an expensive display ad in a newspaper. So, if you want an extensive exposure for your brand without spending too much money, calling Trailblazerr Consultant for a Newspaper Inserts campaign could work wonders for your brand.


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