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Umbrella Branding

as the name suggests is carried out by printing advertisements of brands on the canopies of umbrellas. We are one of the leading manufacturer of umbrella used in promotion & garden. So, every time a printed umbrella is opened by a person for protection against sun or rain on the road, the message printed on the canopy gives the brand the desired exposure amidst the target audiences.

Unlike other methods of branding on mobile media, Umbrella branding doesn’t require paying a rent for any advertising slot. All you have to do is to print the message once, and you have a very effective brand promotion solution at your disposal, which would convey your brand message subtly and surely among your target audiences.

Although it might seem a bit odd to promote your brand on an umbrella’s canopy, but if you look at the exposure it can give to your brand at virtually no cost at all, you would understand the potential behind this method of brand promotion. And because every person uses an umbrella at some point or the other during a year, companies can really target a lot of customers with Umbrella branding.  

If you are ready to embrace this unique way of brand exposure as well, then call us at Trailblazerr Consultant for discussing the possibilities in this regard.


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