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Car Mesh Branding

is probably the most prevalent and most frequently used methods of brand promotion on private cars across the globe. The beauty of this type of brand promotion is that it is voluntarily done by car owners on their vehicles, because it gives them privacy as well as sufficient sun shade for the convenience of the passengers. Also called ‘One Way Vision Signs’ for vehicles, this type of branding is perfect for making the most out of the rear windows of private cars at no recurring costs at all.  

The material used in these car meshes is perforated self-adhesive vinyl film, which is ideal for putting up a full or partial cover over the rear and side windows of a car. The name mesh comes from the tiny perforated holes in this self-adhesive vinyl film, which blocks visibility inside the car from the outside of a vehicle,

while allowing people sitting inside the vehicle to see everything outside. These digitally printed mesh roles are laminated from the outside to protect the brand promotion graphic from sun, water, dust, marks or scratches.

Without a doubt, this is one method of branding that has been extensively used by most companies in the market. However, if you have been missing out on this option till now, then it is high time you got in touch with Trailblazerr, and got your Car Mesh Branding campaign going as well.


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