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Cab Branding

The ever increasing number of cab services in cities as well semi urban areas have paved the way for this type of Branding to come into prominence. Brand advertising on cabs also presents a great opportunity for companies to promote their brand in a pretty large geographical area at a pretty reasonable cost compared to other methods of brand promotion.


Cab Branding

presents a huge potential for sufficient exposure of brands in metropolitan cities. A look at the latest data of cabs in Delhi reveals that the total number of taxis in Delhi went up from approx 80,000 in 2015 to approx 150,000 in 2017, a staggering rise of almost 87%. This is a clear indication of the rising demand for cabs in metropolitan cities, which makes cabs an ideal choice for brand advertising for companies.

Although Cabs don’t offer big advertising slots like buses for brand promotion, but brand advertising carried out on cabs offers deeper penetration in the target audiences because of a more personalized experience for the travelers. That’s why; Cab branding might be a little expensive too than bus branding, but it is definitely a more potent way of targeting the audiences, and brings better results as well.   If you current brand promotion efforts are not yielding desirable results, then probably it’s time for you to switch to this new way of brand promotion, and Trailblazerr Consultant can be a great choice for exploring this option.


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